Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a collegiate body, its members being the representatives of the Conselleria de Sanitat Universal i Salut Pública (Autonomous Public Health Department), the La Fe University Hospital and distinguished members and entities of the Valencian society.

Autonomous Public Health Dept. Director
Ms. Ana Barceló

La Fe University Hospital CEO
Dr. Mónica Almiñana

Medical director at La Fe University Hospital
Dr. Eva Salvo

La Fe University Hospital CFO
Mr. Alberto Soto

Board members:

  • Autonomous Public Health Dept. Secretary. Mr. Narcís Vázquez
  • Research, Innovation, Technology and Quality CEO at the Autonomous Public Health Dept. Ms Ana María Ávila
  • Efficiency and economic regime manager in the Autonomous Public Health Dept. Ms Carmelina Pla
  • Dean at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the Valencia Universtity (Universitat de València). Dr. Francisco Javier Chorro
  • Rector at the Valencia Polytechnic Universtity (Universitat Politècnica de València). Mr. Francisco J. Mora
  • Institutional Coordinator in CSIC Comunidad Valenciana. Dr. José Pío Beltrán Porter
  • General Manager IVI Foundation: Dr. Nicolás Garrido Puchalt
  • Prestigious scientist. Dr. Miguel Ángel Sanz Alonso