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Analytics Unit

The Analytical Unit (AU) is a metabolomics and bioanalysis platform based on mass spectrometry, which offers technical and scientific support for biomedical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological research.

The main objective of the Analytical Unit (AU) is the development of bioanalytical methods for the identification and quantification of endogenous and exogenous low molecular weight biomolecules in biological samples of different nature of human, animal or cellular origin (sera, plasma, urine, cells, tissues, exudates and other biological fluids) as well as the evaluation of the safety of new bioactive compounds with clinical application.

The UA works under "Good Laboratory Practices" (GLP), which makes it one of the pioneer analytical units in implementing this quality system in a hospital centre, an essential requirement for the development of studies of different types (pharmaceutical and clinical) for regulatory purposes (AEMPS, EMEA, FDA, etc.).