Research Support

Scientific Technological Platforms

Experimental Radiology Unit

Reference Title Description
RE1 Project design Advice and support in the definition and design of studies and projects where medical imaging is used to diagnose and localize biological, cellular and tissue processes and changes of diseases, and to guide therapies by percutaneous procedures.
RE2 MR image acquisition Acquisition in 3 Tesla MRI with dedicated coils for animals and with research software environment in high spatial and temporal resolution.
RE3 Radiographic and angiographic studies Acquisition in radiography and Angiography equipment with high-resolution flat detector and real-time control.
RE4 Medical image processing Development and application of algorithms for signal preparation, processing and analysis in medical imaging for the extraction of image biomarkers.
RE5 Analysis of extracted data Analysis in a professional collaborative environment in biostatistics and data mining.
RE6 Device and material evaluation Evaluation of stents and any other device or aspect used in guided therapy.

Additional Services

  • Assistance and advice for the presentation of research projects.
  • Communication of results in congresses and high-impact factor journals.
  • Training courses with simulation and image guidance.