Protective formula against ionizing radiation

Infection, Inflammation and Chronicity
Joint Research Unit in Endocrinology, Nutrition and Clinical dietetics

New formula that effectively protects organs and tissues against the deleterious effects of ionizing radiation, combining two natural polyphenols - radioprotection - and two molecules with repairing effects of radiation damage - radiomitigators - allowing prolonged survival after administration.

Electromagnetic radiation damages cells by direct ionization of DNA and other molecules, and also by indirect effects through reactive oxygen species. And the response it produces depends on the type of cell and the radiation dose, sensitivity and repair of each tissue, as well as the modulating intracellular factors that include the status of the cell cycle, O2 pressure and the levels of thyroid and other antioxidants.

Business application sectors

The present invention could be of interest to:

-Medical institutions focused on radio imaging and radiotherapy

-Regulatory Institutions (such as FAO, IAEA, etc.)

-Military sector and related institutions

-Companies and institutions of the aeronautical sector

-Companies related to the use of ionizing radiation

Technical advantages and business benefits

  • Effective radiation protection
  • Therapeutically mitigates acute radiation
  • Presents multiple applications

State of technology development

Currently, the experimental phase has ended and the prototype formula has been developed.

Intellectual Property Rights

The invention is protected by European Patent, EP21382036.8, dated January 18, 2021, jointly owned by the University of Valencia.Titled: "Compositions and method for preventing, ameliorating or reducing radiation-induced diseases".

Collaboration wanted

Inventors are interested in licensing the patent.