The budget of the IIS La Fe for 2023 amounts to 29,033,984 €, 7% more than last year.

The Board of Trustees of the La Fe Foundation, chaired by the Regional Minister of Health, has approved the budget and action plan for the coming year.

The budget of the IIS La Fe approved by the Board of Trustees for 2023 amounts to 29,033,984 €, 7% more than last year. More than half of the expected income, 51%, comes from its own non-competitive activity, i.e. clinical trials and own research projects, and the rest, i.e. 49%, from regional, national and international competitive public grants.

Expected expenditure based on this income is divided into two items. On the one hand, R&D&I projects and clinical trials account for 77% of the budget (22,373,299), i.e. Activity 1 in the graph. The rest of the expenditure forecast, 23% of the budget (€6,660,650), is the overhead from in-house, competitive and non-competitive research activity.

Overhead refers to the running costs of a company. As can be seen in the graph, the €6,660,650 of overhead planned for 2023 will be allocated to activities 2 (co-financing of personnel costs in competitive public grants, personnel costs of structural platforms, promotion of research activity), 3 (promotion of human resources in clinical research) and 4 (promotion of human resources to support research as expenditure on management and research personnel and direct costs such as consultancy, licences, maintenance, training or investment in infrastructures, among others).

These figures are aligned with the objectives of the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan and have been presented to the Board of Trustees as a series of prudent and realistic budgetary measures framed within the global economic situation. In this sense, the balance between funding from competitive public grants and the income forecast for the centre's own activity, make these numbers a budget in line with reality and close to the figures prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

The IIS La Fe budget for 2023 has been prepared in collaboration with the heads of the institute's areas and is based on historical and forecast data and on the institution's capacity for execution, and is based on the premise of generating sustainable and responsible growth for the institution.

Milestones for 2022 and follow-up of the Strategic Plan

In the presentation of the monitoring report of the Strategic Plan 2019-2023 made by the IIS La Fe Direction to the Board of Trustees, he emphasised that the IIS La Fe maintains its level of excellence and its position as the leading health research institute in the Valencian Community and among the top nationally.

The milestones of the year that is about to end include initiatives of great importance for the institution, such as the process of identifying and characterising structural jobs. This process will be completed in 2024, with the resolution of the corresponding competition-opposition and will provide stability to the staff of the Foundation - IIS La Fe.

In addition, the Board of Trustees has been informed about the passing and favourable report of the Human Resources Excellence Seal (HRS4R) audit, as well as the approval of the 2022-2026 Equality Plan and the renewal of the certification of its innovation management system under the UNE 166.002 standard.

It is also important to highlight the development of new initiatives, not contemplated in the initial planning, such as the implementation of the Information Security Committee and the strategy to comply with the obligations contemplated in Royal Decree 311/2022, of 3 May, which regulates the National Security Scheme.

Action plan and other agreements

The IIS La Fe faces the 2023 financial year with the aim of improving the human resources situation and responding to the expectations of all stakeholders. These issues are reflected in the Action Plan for 2023, which proposes as a priority the implementation of R&D&I projects and clinical trials with 77% of the budget for next year.

In addition, the Board of Trustees has also been informed of the different actions underway in the activity of the IIS La Fe and has ratified the creation of two new scientific-technological platforms (Big Data and Cell Biology) and has appointed Dr. Carmen Ribes as emeritus researcher.

The Management of IIS La Fe has informed the Board of Trustees of the recent passing of the Human Resources Excellence Seal (HRS4R) audit

The 2023 Action Plan prioritises R&D&I projects and clinical trials with 77% of the budget