The 2023 Scientific Act puts the finishing touch to the IIS La Fe Scientific Conference

Since last year, the Scientific Conference has been composed of the predoctoral congress PhD Day and the central event of the institution, also known as the Scientific Act.

The 2023 Scientific Act of IIS La Fe, as was the case in the last edition of 2022, was the event responsible for bringing to a close the Scientific Conferences that started on June 13 with the II PhD Day of IIS La Fe and ended on June 14 with this event.

While during the first day takes place the small congress, aimed at doctoral and master students linked to the institute, in which the Scientific Committee, formed by researchers and researchers of the house evaluate their work, the second event, closes the Scientific Conference with the PhD Day awards ceremony in the categories of the best talks, best poster, recognition of nursing research and the best scientific publication on Instagram.

As every year, the convention of the research center has also had the presence of a special guest, in charge of giving a keynote speech and that, on this occasion, has been the director of the Chair of Privacy and Digital Transformation and Assistant Professor Doctor of the Department of Constitutional Law, Political Science and Administration of the Universitat de València, Ricard Martínez.

A journey through 2022

After the institutional inauguration, led by the scientific director, Guillermo Sanz, and the managing director, Ainhoa Genovés, and conducted by the coordinator of the Area of Communication and Dissemination of Science, Anna Juan, Dr. Sanz took stock of all the activity that has been carried out in the research center over the past year. He thanked all the staff for their involvement and effort in a year in which 1,533 scientific publications were published, of which 891 belonged to the first quartile and 403 to the first decile.

Regarding research initiatives, IIS La Fe launched 49 competitive projects, 30 public and 19 private, and kept 131 active. In addition, IIS La Fe initiated 252 clinical studies last year and kept 1245 active.

IIS La Fe PhD Day Awards Ceremony

After the scientific director's speech, the president of the Scientific Committee of the IIS La Fe PhD Day and researcher of the Molecular, Cellular and Genomic Biomedicine group, Ana Pilar Gómez, took the reins of the day in an emotional speech in which she wanted to highlight the work carried out by the Organizing Committee and the Scientific Committee prior to the Scientific Conference, which continued with the presentation of awards to the winners of the 2nd edition of the PhD Day.


Award for the first best talk to Marilù Casini of the Research Group on Regeneration and Transplantation Cadiac (RETRACAR) for her oral communication 'Modeling atrial fibrillation using hiPSC-derived atrial cardiomyocytes'. The award was presented by the scientific director of the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe, Guillermo Sanz.

Award for the second best talk to Noelia Ramírez of the Reproductive Medicine Research Group for her oral communication 'Nicotinamide mononucleotide supplementation improves oocyte quality in murine models of chemotherapy-induced ovarian damage'. The award was presented by the managing director of the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe, Ainhoa Genovés.

Best poster award to Júlia Baixauli of the Joint Cerebrovascular Research Unit for her poster 'Cellular Senescence as a Pathogenic Mechanism in Ischemic Stroke'. Ricard Martínez, director of the Chair of Privacy and Digital Transformation and speaker at the 2023 Scientific Event, presented the award.

Recognition of nursing research for Nestor Montoro of the Research Group in Science and Art in Care for his oral communication 'Development and validation of a questionnaire of parental competencies in the field of pediatric hospital emergencies (ECP-U)'. The award was presented by the President of the Nursing Council of the Valencian Community (CECOVA), Juan José Tirado.

Award for the best scientific publication on Instagram for Marina Segura of the Reproductive Medicine Research Group for her snapshot 'The cycle of life'. Fanny Quiles of The Whiteam, a company collaborating with IIS La Fe and main sponsor of the II scientific photography contest of IIS La Fe: FotoCIENCIA, presents the award.

Keynote lecture

'Challenges for research with data: the construction of the European Health Data Space and Federated Data Spaces' was the title of the conference given by the guest speaker at the 2023 Scientific Event. Ricard Martínez, who is also a professor of Constitutional Law, stands out for his PhD in Law at the University of Valencia, dedicated to the study of the fundamental right to data protection, which was also awarded the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize. He has been president of the Spanish Professional Privacy Association and head of the Studies Area of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


PhD Day