The Iniesta Association of Relatives and People Affected by Cancer donates 5,000 euros to the Clinical and Translational Research in Cancer group at IIS La Fe

On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, the Asociación de familiares y afectados de Cáncer de Iniesta (ACI) donated 5,000 euros to the Clinical and Translational Cancer research group of the La Fe Health Research Institute (IIS La Fe). The award ceremony, which took place on Saturday 12 August, featured the keynote speech 'Research in childhood cancer and its recent advances', given by Dr. Jaime Font de Mora.

At the end of the gala, the president of ACI, Ángela Talavera, presented the Rosa Armero donation to the research team of the keynote speaker, who was accompanied by our coordinator of the Economic Area, Cristina Clemente.