The Research Commission approves new lines of investigation

At the meeting, it was announced that an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Trustees will take place on November 6, during which the new members of the Ministry of Health and the Valencia La Fe Department will be appointed

At the meeting on October 25, the Research Commission of IIS La Fe approved the launch of new lines of research. Specifically, the lines on epilepsy, led by Vicente Villanueva Haba; the current state of immunotherapy in the treatment of colorectal cancer, led by Blas Flor Lorente from the General Surgery and Digestive System group; research in oncology and radiotherapy (ION-RAD), by Antonio José Conde Moreno from GIBI2030; neonatal infection, led by María Cernada Badía from the Perinatology group; general and digestive surgery, led by Rafael López Andújar from the Hepatology, General Surgery, and Transplantation research group; and the line on metabolic reprogramming in lung cancer as a strategy for the search for biomarkers and new therapeutic targets, led by Agustín Lahoz Rodríguez, head of the Biomarkers and Precision Medicine Unit.

Extraordinary Board of Trustees and other matters

The IIS La Fe management informed the Research Commission about the holding of an extraordinary Board of Trustees on November 6, during which the appointment and acceptance of new trustees from the Ministry of Health will take place, and new members from the community will be incorporated to strengthen and enrich the Board.

The Management also informed the Commission about the progress of the space reassignment process in Tower A, which will be discussed again at the next Research Commission meeting.