The young researcher, Lorena Pérez-Carrillo, wins the Garcia-Blanco research award.

Lorena Pérez-Carrillo, researcher at @iislafe, wins the García-Blanco research medal-award from the @UV_EG thanks to her work on serum biomarkers of recovery after heart transplantation.

The jury of the forty-fourth edition of the García-Blanco prize-medal for young researchers, organized by the University of Valencia, has awarded Lorena Pérez-Carrillo (Alcantarilla, Murcia) a master's degree in Biomedical Biotechnology from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

The young winner is part of the Clinical and Transnational Research in Cardiology group at the Health Research Institute of the Hospital La Fe (IIS La Fe).

The jury of the award, composed of all the winners of previous editions, chaired by Dr. Guillermo Sáez, secretary of the award and Professor of Biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine of Valencia, highlighted the work of the young scientist on serum biomarkers of rejection after heart transplantation, which has been published in the best international scientific journals in her field, such as "Té Jornal o Heart and Lang Transplantation".

RNA patent

This award is named after the former Professor of Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine José García-Blanco Oyarzabal (1898-1973). He was a great promoter of international and quality biomedical research in Valencia.

Lorena Pérez-Carrillo is currently participating in the invention of a patent on non-coding RNA analysis for the non-invasive diagnosis of acute cellular rejection in patients who have undergone heart transplantation, thus avoiding any type of biopsy of the implanted root tissue.