Smartguide for catheterization

Digestive and Hepatic Pathology
Perioperative Medicine, Anesthesiology and Revival

This pneumatic dynamic steerable guide with integrated expandable tube improves the current intubation aid devices, and solves the problems encountered during intubation with a guide, by allowing the endotracheal tube to be housed in the trachea without displacing it through the guide; improving the success rate and reducing the damage during the maneuver.

Approximately 2 million general anesthesia are performed per year in the world and 15% are in difficult airways that require some assistive device during intubation such as guides, stylets, etc. Currently, there are no intubation guides on the market with these characteristics, and what is used instead is a fiberoptic bronchoscope designed for another much more expensive purpose by integrating electronics that make the product more expensive.

Business application sectors

It is a useful tool for airway management when it is necessary to intubate a patient for any reason or in any professional, hospital environment, operating rooms, emergencies or SAMU-ambulances. Applicable on any medical device for the purpose of catheterization.

Technical advantages and business benefits

Higher intubation rate, less injury.

Easier performance: just one operator and one-handed.

It Prevents the aspiration of the gastric content.

It avoids damage to the vocal cords.

It is reusable.

It reduces the economic cost of 5 to 10 times compared to the disposable fiberoptic bronchoscope.

State of technology development

The technology is currently validated at the laboratory level. Several laboratory tests have been carried out to fine-tune the prototype that is currently at TRL 4-5.

Intellectual Property Rights

European Patent: EP20382289, Title: Medical device for transluminal access, of April 9th, 2020, jointly owned by IIS La Fe, the Research Foundation of the General Hospital of Valencia and the AIMPLAS Technological Institute. Currently it is in international PCT extension.

Collaboration wanted

We are looking for a licensee company in the biomedical sector interested in the commercial exploitation of the technology to implement in medical devices of the airway, vascular catheters or urinary catheters areas, among others