Research Support

Scientific Technological Platforms


The UICAB is a Clinical Research Facilitation Service that assists the different departments of the Hospital Universitario y Politécnico la Fe. Both commercial and non-commercial studies are carried out, with research designs from Clinical Trials to observational studies.

It is a space to carry out the necessary services to meet the requirements of highly complex studies, such as Clinical Trials in early phases (somatometry, vital signs, ECG, spirometry, obtaining highly complex biological samples, quality of life questionnaires, etc.)

  • We work in conjunction with research teams, pharmaceutical companies and hospital services, to provide the treatments contemplated in clinical trials, such as experimental phase drugs, or those in early commercialization to participating patients. As well as the necessary nursing care.
  • We obtain, process and send biological samples to the different services, both local and international laboratories.
  • We receive and manage the necessary material to carry out clinical trials (clinical trial kits, electrocardiogram machines, electronic tablets, spirometers, perfusion pumps, incubators, centrifuges, monitors, sweat tests, etc.).
  • We maintain an internal training and continuous updating of the changes in the Hospital protocols and the studies carried out in the Unit, complying with the current regulations.
  • We are in charge of the citation service and coordination with the rest of the services for the proper functioning and flow of patients in the Unit.