From 11F to 8M: 24 days to make women researchers at IIS La Fe more visible

La Fe Health Research Institute promotes two campaigns to make the work of women in science visible and to encourage new vocations among girls and adolescents who want to study science degrees.

La Fe Health Research Institute (IIS La Fe) has joined two campaigns, on the occasion of 11F, International Day of Women and Girls in Science, and 8M, International Women's Day, to present women scientists who will serve as a stimulus for future generations, to promote equality and make women in science more visible.

Making women's contributions visible in the media and guaranteeing their presence in major projects and positions of responsibility are just some of the measures needed to overcome gender barriers in a sector in which inequality between men and women affects the development of a country and, therefore, society as a whole equally.

On 8 February, the Instagram and Facebook profiles of the IIS La Fe began to fill up with girls and female scientists thanks to the campaign 'de niña a científica', a tribute to some of the female researchers who work at this research centre. A total of 24 publications, starring the 32 female researchers who have participated in this initiative, encourage girls and teenagers to opt for science degrees if they feel it is their vocation.

Laia, Marta, Ana, Gladys, Julia and Ainhoa are just a few examples of how curiosity, perseverance and teamwork can pave the way in a world where fear and uncertainty are just an obstacle to overcome. All of them wanted to send a message to future generations reminding them that they are and will be capable of doing everything they set their minds to.

Two actions for gender equality

The impact of this campaign, based on daily publications, has yielded positive results since, in the case of Instagram, 5,490 accounts have been reached in the last 30 days, an increase of 246% compared to January, and the number of followers on this social network has increased by 5% compared to the same month.

For this initiative, each of the participants contributed a photo of herself as a child, a current photo and answered a questionnaire in which she was able to address the future scientists, dedicating a few words to them based on her personal and professional experience. Whether in groups, pairs or individually, all of them have told part of their story, which can become an inspiration for future female researchers.  

The finishing touch to this campaign is the publication and dissemination of a photograph of women working in each of the areas of the IIS La Fe to highlight the importance of their role in science and society on 8M.

Posters 11F

Below, you can download the posters made with the phrases of our researchers for the 11F campaign:



Our researchers wanted to send a message to future generations reminding them that they are and will be able to do anything they set their minds to