05/13: Solidarity race for multiple sclerosis

Registration for the race organized by the IIS La Fe Neuroimmunology research group is now open.

Next Saturday, May 13, the 2nd race and march for multiple sclerosis will take place in Valencia organized by the IIS La Fe Neuroimmunology research group. The funds raised will be used for research into a disease that affects some 47,000 people in Spain and some 6,000 in the Valencian Community.

Participants will be able to run or walk distances of 5.5 km or 2 km. You can also collaborate with the research in section row 0.

In Spain, there are some 47,000 people affected by MS. It is a disease that is more prevalent in women and its diagnosis is complex and requires time, since there is no specific test to detect it. The symptoms, both physical and cognitive, are highly variable among affected individuals and have a great impact on their personal, family, social, and economic life.