Research Support

Management Areas

The Public Procurement and Infrastructures Area is responsible for:

  • Provide support to researchers, research groups, platforms, and the management areas of IIS La Fe to manage, coordinate and execute the bidding processes necessary to obtain supplies and services of any nature requested, always respecting the legislation on public procurement.
  • Continuous management, elaboration and execution of the complete procedures necessary to comply with the Foundation's public procurement legislation and its methodology.
  • Coordination of all the personal and material means necessary to achieve the conditioning of the physical spaces where the research activity is developed and the implementation and proper functioning of the equipment.
  • Establishing relations with all parties involved in the implementation of research infrastructure, studying possible alternatives for new ones and proposing improvements to existing ones. 


  1. Litigations
  2. Legal support in the management of minor contracts 
  3. Coordination of actions for the conditioning of physical spaces.
  4. Supervision of facilities and equipment maintenance
  5. Management of infrastructures involved in ERDF projects.
  6. Control of equipment inventories