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Microscopy Unit

The Microscopy Unit provides researchers from IIS La Fe and other research institutions and/or companies with the necessary infrastructure and experience for the study, through the use of different microscopic techniques, of biological material from both patient samples (biopsies, autopsies, etc.) and experimental studies (animals, cell culture, etc.).

For this purpose, the Microscopy Unit is divided into an area for optical microscopy with brightfield, fluorescence and DIC microscopes and a confocal microscope equipped with an incubation system that allows studies on live cells for short periods of time and another area for electron microscopy consisting of a laboratory equipped for sample preparation and an ultramicrotomy area.

This infrastructure allows the study of biological samples, obtaining high-resolution images, and also the observation of tissues, cells, organelles and microorganisms at high magnifications, which even allows the localization of protein expression at the cellular level by immunocytochemical techniques.