Research Support

Scientific Technological Platforms

Microscopy Unit

  • Leica XDM 500 Optical Microscope with Objectives 4x 10x 20x 40x 100x.
  • Binocular stereomicroscope OPTIKA SZM-1. Zoom 0,7x to 4,5x. Illuminator with 12V/15W halogen lamps.
  • Inverted phase contrast microscope OPTIKA XDS-2 with 4x 10x 20x 40x 100x objectives.
  • Leica DMD108 digital microscope with magnifier function and 4x10x20x40x100x objectives. Integrated digital camera and computer. High color fidelity. Without eyepieces, reduces physical discomfort.
  • Leica DM2500 microscope for brightfield, interference contrast and fluorescence. Objectives of 5x 10x 20x 40x 63x oil 100x oil. Filters for DAPI, Fluorescein, Rhodamine, Double and Far Red. High contrast optics. Image acquisition and processing system Leica LAS, with Leica DFC3000 G camera, refrigerated, high sensitivity and high speed.
  • Confocal microscope Leica TCS-SP5-AOBS, with resonant scanner mounted on inverted microscope DMI 6000 CS and equipped with excitation laser lines (Diode 405, Ar, HeNe 543, HeNe 594, HeNe 633), three spectral detectors for fluorescence and one for transmitted illumination. Equipped with a stage-coupled incubation system.
  • Leica EM UC61I Ultramicrotome allowing easy preparation of semi- and ultrathin sections.
  • Leica Automatic Freeze Substitution (AFS) that allows the inclusion and polymerization of samples at low temperatures.
  • Pyramitome (Leica EM TRIM).
  • Machine for the manufacture of glass blades for ultramicrotomy (Leica EM KMR2)