Research Support

Scientific Technological Platforms

Microscopy Unit

  • Observation and imaging of samples with histological staining
  • Sample processing for fluorescence microscopy
    • Fluorescent labelling
    • Immunofluorescence
    • Observation of samples and fluorescence microscopy imaging
    • Observation of samples and confocal microscope imaging
  • Sample processing for transmission electron microscopy
    • Chemical fixation
    • Counteracting (osmium tetroxide and uranyl acetate)
    • Dehydration in the gradient of alcohols (ethanol, methanol)
    • Embedding in epoxy resin (EPON 812) or acrylic resin (Lowicryl K4M)
  • Ultramicrotomy
    • Obtaining semi-thin sections (0.5-2 microns) for optical microscopy and ultra-thin sections (60-100 nm) for electron microscopy.
    • Contrasting these sections
  • Immunopreparation for electron microscopy (immuno-gold)
    • Preembedding
    • Post-embedding
  • Low-temperature preparation of biological samples for electron microscopy
  • Cryosubstitution
  • Low-temperature inclusion
  • Sample observation and image capture under transmission electron microscopy
  • Consulting services
    • Preliminary study of the proposal
    • Experimental design and elaboration of specific protocols for each type of biological material and the specific aspects to be studied.
    • Advice for the continuity of the study.
    • Full collaboration in the project.