Make a Specific Bequest in your will

Through your commitment of such a donation you reach to the future generations and contribute to the health of the society in general.

Making a gift through your will is the best way to extend your commitment towards the well-being of future generations and to contribute to the health of the society in general. It is embodied in the persons will.

You can contribute to crearting a better world without hurting the rights of your heirs.

The testator, in their will, apart from naming the devisees that will receive the general bequests, can also name persons, natural or legal, that will receive a specific bequest. This bequest can include personal effects, jewelry, collectibles, real property and rights (unpaid loans...) or even assets not being part of the testator's estate.

In this case, the heirs are obliged to acquire such asset for the devisee (for example, "...upon charging the bank account X with X amount, a motorcycle shal be bought to the person X...")

To be clear, these specific bequests can, under existing law, never hurt the rights of the compulsory heirs.