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Biobank Collections

Lung Adenocarcinoma Breast Cancer Donor-Receiver
Translational Genetics Multiple Sclerosis Twin
Spanish Group of Myelodysplastic Syndromes Malformations-IVs Gynecology-Delivery
Hematological Neoplasms Malformaciones-IVEs Myeloma Consortium
Radiosensitivity-Radiotoxicity Eating Behavior Disorders Brain Tissue and Glioblastoma
Diseases of the skin, appendages and mucous membranes + Neurology + Urofun' Project
Bronchoalveolar lavage Adult Rheumatology + EICH' Project
Urology + Childhood Rheumatology Corispe-HIV
Neuropediatrics GEM Trials + Sudden Death
Nicord Trial Lung Cancer Endocrine Tumors
Spanish Group of Neuroendocrine Tumors Cardiology + Thrombi
Hepatic Steatosis HECATOS' Project Rare Diseases
Healthy Controls Vascular Surgery Steatotic Livers
Spine Unit + Congenital PTT PRPZD Skin
INSUPAR Project Digestive Endoscopy Unit + Clinical Trial CL1-64315
Allergies CD34 Brain Bank

+ Collections consisting of sub-collections.

Key points to open a collection

  • Purpose: in order to open a collection of biological samples and start up all the logistics, there must be scientific interest.
  • CEBCI: in a meeting of the External Ethics Committee of Biobanks and Research Collections (to which Biobanco La Fe is attached), the suitability of the collection is assessed.
  • Logistics: taking into account the favorable opinion of the CEBCI, from Biobanco La Fe, we guide you throughout the process, designing and implementing a logistics for the collection and reception of samples, in optimal conditions, for their subsequent use.
  • SOP: in collaboration with the responsible researcher and the group/service that promotes the opening of the collection, we elaborate a common protocol of action in which the terms of sample collection, types of by-products to be obtained, processing, associated documentation and contact persons will be established.
  • La Fe Biobank: acts as the manager of the whole procedure. We have the necessary facilities, the professional team, the experience and the standardized methodology to ease the way for you.
  • Multicenter Collections: La Fe Biobank has the experience and infrastructure to lead multicenter projects. We provide you with our guidelines for an efficient organization of time and resources.

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