Genetic susceptibility to Schistomiasis, associated bladder pathologies and Malaria co-infections

Auditórium. Torre A.

13:00 horas.

Dr Chiaka Anumudu is a senior lecturer in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, from where she got her PhD in Cellular Parasitology in 1999. For more than 13 years after that, her research activities were in the area of immunopathogenesis and molecular epidemiology of simple and severe malaria in endemic settings in south west Nigeria.

She is currently interested in translational research approaches for the control of schistosomiasis, especially in the context of co-infection with malaria; in addition to her interests in the genetic host-pathogen interactions. She has been working on the characterization of polymorphisms of inflammation genes from schistosomiasis associated bladder pathology cases from Nigeria in comparison with urothelial bladder cases from Spain. Chiaka is carrying out this work at the CNIO with funding from the Science by Women grant programme of the Fundacion Mujeres Por Africa.

She is also collaborating with Dr Antonio Marcilla here at La Fe on developing diagnostic measures for schistosomiasis, using the identification of exosomes from schistosomiasis positive human urines and other sensitive DNA assays.

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