A new Biomedical Research Era: the resolution revolution with 10X Genomics single cell & spatial multiomics.




Developing treatments for complex diseases requires building a complete understanding of both disease and treatment-response mechanisms. As we navigate a century where transformative advances in biology will reshape the way we deliver human health, translational and clinical researchers need approaches that provide actionable insights that can, ultimately, be leveraged to improve how diseases are diagnosed and treated.

Join us to learn how single cell, spatial, and in situ technologies from 10x Genomics can help you push the boundaries of your translational and clinical research. Discover novel therapeutic targets, explore how therapeutics modulate disease-associated cell populations and states, gain insights into mechanisms governing therapeutic toxicity, and understand resistance mechanisms governed by transcriptomic and epigenetic remodeling. Enabling deeper insight into cancer, immunology, neuroscience, and immuno-oncology, 10x Genomics gives researchers the ability to see biology in new ways.

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